C. Koester - de Jongh, Album B

Album B : Attributed to Carolina (Carry) Koester - de Jongh   (* 1846 daughter of Coenraad Alexander and Augusta Carolina Gehne)living in Cette (Sète) France.

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Picture made in London. Text: Your friend Lotte with best love.
Picture made in Lausanne. Name of the Photographer is "de Jongh"(No family that I know of. Common name in Holland)
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Made in Paris.
Made in Valence France in the Rhone valley, dep. Drome.

Both pictures on this page made in Montpellier France.
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Text: Addy. I assume the child is Addy Koester.
Picture made in Lüneburg (near Hamburg).
Picture made in Hanover. Text on back: For dear Lulu .... Fannie Bower (Boiver?) 1869
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Picture made in Cette.
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Picture made in Hanover. Believed to be Adeline Koester- Dietrichs (+ 1871) first wive of Louis Koester. Text in pencil (later added ?): Adeline Koester.
Picture made in Hanover. Text in pencil: Detlef Lienau Addy Stephfather. (of Addy Dietrich)? Klick here for more info on the Lienau - van Giessen - Booraem family
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Picture made in Bern from man with two boys. Chinese ? Is it L. Thau husband of Paulette (daughter of Stumpy) ?
Page 32 and 33
Picture made in Hanover.

Picture made in New jersey (USA). Text: Born Catherine van Giessen Booraem married Francis Dietrichs, married Detlef Lienau 1853. [Mother of Adeline Koester - Dietrichs]
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Both pictures on this page are made in Hanover. Presumably from the Koester family. May be a later picture of the man on the right.
On the album page identified as Louis Koester. Probably Louis Henri Koester (*1833 Hanover).
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Made in Valence France in the Rhone valley, dep. Drome.

Picture made in Paris. Text difficult to read. "Ton petit filleue" Jean Manod May 1887
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Augusta Alexandria de Jongh (*1850)
Picture of my great grandfather Coenraad Alexander (Alex) de Jongh (1853-1934). Text: Alexander de Jongh made in the autumn of 1880
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Same as 29_b. Architect Detlef Lienau ? Text on back: July 18th 1864

Picture made in New York. May be Frances (Fan)Diedrichs Booraem, born 1841, daughter of Henry Augustus and Cornelia van Vorst
Picture made in Bordeaux. Text: Louis Lienau ... New York April 1868. Believed to be Louis August Lienau, born 1844 son of Michael (brother of Detlef B-44_a) and Sarah Adeline Booraem(a younger sister of Catherine B-33_a). He was a wine importer.

Text: Josy Booraem New York Mai 1868. Believed to be Josephine Bruniquel Booraem, born 1848, daughter of Henry August (a brother of Catherine B_33_a) and Cornelia van Vorst.
Page 46 and 47
Caroline de Jongh (*1846)

Picture made in Hanover. Text: Ida Reinecke, Marie Eeck, july 27 '68. Presumably relative of the Koesters (Their Mother was a Reinecke)
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Picture made in Uetersen home of the Lienau family near Hamburg. Text: Emmy Bardaar 1867 Hamburg
Both these pictures are made in Hanover, hence probably Koester related. Text: Difficult to understand. Name Willi Wernvelt ?
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